Zap Foam Safe Kicker

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Works with Zap-o CA+ and othe foam safe CA's 

2oz bottle

Forces immediate cure of all cyanoacrylates. Expands gap filling ability. Permit's structural fillet forming. Solves tough to bond combination's of materials. Use our Needle Bottle Applicator to apply this adhesive.

Accelerates Cure Time of Zap CA's
Will Not Craze Most Plastics
Solves Most Tough-to-Bond Combinations of Materials
Directions: Use directly from container to refill Zip Kicker Pump Spray Bottles. Can be used in two ways:

Apply Zip Kicker with brush or pump sprayer to one surface to be bonded. Apply Zap CA adhesive to the other surface. When the two parts are mated, the cure will be accelerated. Note that this method has limited positioning time.

Bond two parts together using Zap CA adhesives. After the parts have been mated, use pump sprayer to apply Zip Kicker to the bonded surface.

Note: Acceleration can influence overall strength of adhesive bond in some situations. Use sparingly with with Zap Thin CA and other thin cyanoacrylates as over-acceleration can cause heat buildup. For storage, replace shipping cap to prevent evaporation.

Not for use on granite or other natural stone materials, cosmetic applications and foam materials.

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Part # PT-28
Brand Zap

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