X-ACTO Heavy Duty Contoured Aluminum Handled Knife

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Heavy duty base for added grip and stability

The X-ACTO #6 Knife features a thick, heavy duty base for added grip and stability. One of our strongest knife handles, the #6 knife can stand up to extended periods of tough carving.

The #6 Heavy Duty Plastic Knife Handle comes packaged with the X-ACTO #19 Angled Wood Chisel Blade.

X-ACTO knives are the preferred cutting tool for a wide variety of professionals and hobbyists alike. Designers and artists love the X-ACTO knife’s ability to produce careful and meticulous cuts with consistency, while engineers praise the knife’s durable design and reliability.

X-ACTO knives can make precise cuts through a variety of different craft materials:

All grades of paper
Mat board
Foam board
Delicate fabrics
Sheet metal
And more

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Part # X3206
Brand X-ACTO