Werks Adjustable Power Clutch Carbon

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The Werks Racing Power Clutch is a four shoe design which allows for the
maximum possible amount of contact area between the clutch shoes & clutch
bell. Because this is a truly adjustable clutch, it is possible to easily
adjust the spring tension to change engagement point, their by minimizing
the need as with traditional clutches to slip the clutch to improve
acceleration. This reduces the tendency for the clutch shoes to develop
excess heat and fade during long main events. This was often the case in the
past when racers looking for the "extra edge" in performance with
traditional clutches were using lightened shoes with heavy springs or even
going as far as using aluminum clutch shoes.

Now with the new Werks Racing "Power Clutch" adjustable clutch if you want a
later engagement point for more punch simply tighten the nut on the end of
the clutch and you are done! Three springs are available; gold standard
(soft), green (medium), and silver (hard). These different tension springs
allow you to tailor the clutch to your racing conditions. Shoes are
available in carbon, red rulon or Ptfe materials.

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Part # WRX6501
Brand Werks Racing