Vanquish F10T Aluminum Rear Axle Housing Black Anodized

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F10T rear axle for VS4-10 based vehicles

he F10T rear axle features a scale centered pumpkin housing with one-piece bearing retainers to create an incredibly scale and durable axle assembly. F10T axles use Vanquish Products AR44 gear sets and spools.

Recommended use with the following:

  • Vanquish VS4-10 Kits equiped with straight axles such as the Origin, Pro and Phoenix (Straight Axle version)
  • Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis Kit. PN VPS10130*
  • Incision S8E 90mm Shocks (Offset pivot ball at shock mounting location)  PN IRC00501. 
  • Incision Rod Ends and Pivot Balls (.280" width pivot balls)**
  • Vanquish Products 6-Hole AR44 Gear set. PN VPS08330
  • Vanquish Products 6-hole AR44 Spool. VPS08070 
  • Vanquish Products Rear axle shafts VPS08082


  • Machined in the USA
  • Made from high quality domestic produced aluminum
  • Scale import truck style axle housing
  • Adjustable rear upper link positions
  • Comes with One Piece Bearing Retainers 
  • Double shear shock mounts for S8E offset pivot balls allowing for more shock tuning adjustment
  • Rear Bearing Retainer Caps utilized to eliminate the need for lockouts and provide a more scale appearance


Includes the following:

  • 1pc F10T Rear Housing
  • 2pcs Bearing Retainers
  • 1pc  F10T Third Member
  • 2pc Axle End Caps
  • Required hardware
  • Instructions


Does not include the following:

  • hexes, hex pins, bearings, axle shafts, ring and pinion or locker


Required Bearings List:

  • 2pc 7x14x3.5
  • 1pc 5x14x5
  • 3pc 5x11x4


**Not for use with Vanquish Products Brass Pivot Balls (.300" width)

****Due to the nature of the AR44 gear design, proper shimming of the pinion gear may be required for optimal results. 

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Part # VPS08632
Brand Vanquish