Top Flite F4U Corsair .60-1.20" 1/8 Sport Kit

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This is an New Old Stock kit that is our last! 

This is the UPDATED Sport Scale Model of the Famous Gull-Wing Fighter flown in WWII and Korea. 

This kit NOW ACCEPTS THE OPTIONAL COCKPIT KIT AND HAS RIGHT THRUST BUILT IN, so even hobbyists with moderate building skills can assemble it easily. Ideal for sport fliers wanting a high-performance model with exciting fighter aircraft looks.


Computer-designed from the ground up.
Interlocking parts simplify assembly and increase durability.
Injection-Molded ABS Cowl and Vacuum-Formed Wing Air Scoops (oil-
coolers) add authentic detail.
Photo-Illustrated Instruction Manual explains installation of
optional retracts and flaps.


All Balsa and Plywood to assemble this kit, ABS Cowl and Air Scoops,
Illustrated Instruction Manual, CAD-drawn Rolled Plans, Pushrods,
Hardware, CA Hinges, Vacuum-Formed Butyrate Canopy and Engine Mount


.60-.80 2-stroke or .91-1.20 4-stroke Engine
Pitts-Style Muffler
4-7 channel radio
4-Servos(minimum) Additional Channels & Servos for Retracts and Flaps
1¼" Tailwheel, seven servos maximum
Fuel Tank, Prop, Prop Safety Nut, Wheel Collars, Foam Rubber
3-Rolls of Covering and Matching Paint
Pneumatic 100° Rotating Retracts
Top Flite recommends using Robart (ROBQ1815)
OR Century Jet Complete Kit (CJMQ3055). (SEE BELOW)
Items required to operate retracts: 1-ROBQ2363 hand pump w/gauge
1-ROBQ2302 air kit complete
1-ROBQ2389 air restrictors
For rough area landings, also purchase: 2-ROBQ1700 straight Robostrut
2-ROBQ1515 scale wheel 3¼".
The only retracts that can be used with this kit are the retracts
recommended in the ACG #4. Hobbico retracts will NOT work.


Wingspan: 62"
Wing Area: 700 sq in
Weight: 7-9.5lbs
Length: 48.5"
Scale: 1:8
Center of gravity: 4" to 4½" back of the leading edge at root
Wing loading: 26oz/sq ft
Degrees incidence: Engine thrust: 0° down, 2°right
Stabilizer: 0°
Wing: 0° 1° washout at tip
Control throws each way: HIGH LOW
Elevator: 11/16" up ½" up
5/8" down 7/12" down
Rudder: 2-3/8" 1-3/8"
Ailerons: ½" 3/8"
Flaps: 1-3/8" 1-3/8"


More Information
Part # TOPA0101
Brand Top Flite
Power Plant Electric or Nitro
Scale Large
Vehicle Type Warbird