Testors Hobby Sanding Films

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This patented, revolutionary sanding film is bonded to tough polyester, so it won't crack when crushed or crumpled. Great for the hobbyist.


One Header Card Package with Five Hobby Sanding Films
One #150 Grit Coarse Black
One #280 Grit Medium Light Orange
One #320 Grit Fine Dark Gray
One #400 Grit Extra Fine Light Tan
One #600 Grit Ultra Fine Tan


When clogged (clean by gripping the edges and giving it a firm snap)
Sanding film can be washed in soap and water
Film flexes or folds to any curved surface
Film may be wrapped around any shape sanding block for precise
ALL grades may be used wet or dry

Sandpaper sand paper

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Part # 8002
Brand Testors