Testors Enamel 1/4 oz Metal Flake Purple

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This is the 1/4oz bottle of Metal Flake Purple enamel paint from Testors.

Testor All purpose Enamels are fast drying, easy to apply and can be used on many kinds of surfaces. Finely ground pigments mean superb flow and coverage. All colors are carefully controlled from batch to batch.

Made of enamel and are flammable and toxic.
Can be used for:
Models: Ceramic, Plastic, Leather
Household: Stone, Metal, Styrofoam
Crafts: Wax, Glass, Paper
Figures: Fabric, Wood

Not recommended for: vinyl, polyethylene or polypropylene plastics.

Excellent for either brush painting or air brushing if thinned.
Covers well, flows smoothly with no blushing or fading, and can be blended easily.
Jar will not accept standard airbrush lid.
Cleans up with enamel thinner #1148.
Contains no lead.


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