Team Orion 10Amp Voltage Regulator

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The Voltage Regulator 10A for high power servos is to be used together with the LiPo receiver packs if the receiver and servo do not accept 7.4V. Two-cell LiPo batteries have a nominal voltage of 7.4V. 

Usually, components inside radio receivers and servos are not designed to run with this type of voltage and they can malfunction or even be damaged if you use a 7.4V power source. In this type of situation, the Team Orion voltage regulator is the optimal solution to lower the voltage (adjustable 5.5 to 7.4V) and ensure that your radio equipment is working reliably and safely. Can be used in Land, Air and Watercraft applications.


  • 2 cell LiPo receiver battery voltage regulator
  • Can also be used with 6-8 cell NiMH receiver packs
  • Adjustable output voltage, 5.2V to 7V, in 0.2V steps
  • High-power, up to 10A
  • Universal Connectors
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Part # ORI33100
Brand Team Orion