Tamiya Work Station w/ Magnifying Lens

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A Must Have For Any True Modeler.

Do you have to strain your eyes whenyou are working on that fine detailing, Do you always have a messy workarea and need more space to work with, Do you want a compact workbenchthat can be easily carried anywhere you go, If you answered yes to anyof these questions, Tamiya has the perfect product for you, the TamiyaWork Stand with Magnifying Lens! Featuring a large acrylic magnifyinglens with 2X magnification, you will be seeing all that small detailingso much clearer, making it easy to work long hours on your favoritemodel. To make sure you always have perfect lighting in the place whereyou need it most, 6 white LED lamps are installed just behind themagnifying lens. Powered by 4 F20/D/UM1 batteries you will have morethan 150 hours of perfect white light. The lens and light are mountedon a handy adjustable arm which is connected to the work base, a workspace specially designed for Tamiya modelers. Some of the handyfunctions featured include a frame on the base designed to perfectlyfit Tamiya's A4 size Cutting Mat, 5 clip holders on both left and rightsides, a decal tray to be filled with water and used when applyingdecals, a back board to prevent parts from flying off when cutting awayfrom sprues, 4 bottle holders that are specially designed to fit Tamiyacement, acrylic paint and enamel paint bottles, 3 paint brush holdersand a handy carry grip for easy mobility.

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Part # 74064
Brand Tamiya