Tamiya 1/10 RC Tyrrell P34 6 Wheel 1977 Argentine Limited Edition

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The Tamiya P34 Six-Wheeler R/C kit has enjoyed a rich release history. 

This release is an updated version of the Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler as raced at the 1977 Argentine GP (previously released as Item 49154 and 58003). The updates include some changes, which include updated instruction on the color needed to paint the side mirrors, and livery location tweaks.

Key Features
  • Limited Edition!
  • Injection Molded Body
  • 6-Wheel F103 Chassis
  • Includes Foam Tires
  • 540 Motor Is Included
In The Box
  • (1) 1/10 RC Tyrrell P34 6Whl 1977 Argentine (Limited Edition) Kit
  • (1) 540-brushed type motor
  • (1) Body Sticker Sheet
  • (1) Product Manual
Needed to Complete
  • (1) 2-Channel Radio System
  • (1) Electronic Speed Control
  • (1) Standard Size Steering Servo
  • (1) 7.2V Battery
  • (1) Battery Charger
  • Tools for Build

About the Tyrrell P34

The Tyrrell P34 is known as the distinctive “six-wheeler” Formula One race car and its 1977 Argentine GP version featured a full cowl body design without observation windows seen on the side of the cockpit.

The 1977 Argentine Grand Prix featured the six-wheeled Tyrrell P34 driven by Patrick Depailler. The unique design included a new six-wheel concept that was first developed in 1975, refined in 1977, and discontinued before the 1978 season. The design consisted of two sets of smaller front wheels specifically designed for the F1 car, and two ordinary rear F1 tires. The double steering mechanism as well as other details that made the P34 unique were immaculately scaled down to 1/10 scale and made into this incredibly detailed kit.

When the P34 was under its design stage in the mid-1970s, Tyrrell designers faced an aerdymamics problem. F1 rules stated that the front wing could be no wider than 1.5 meters. The front end of the F1 car needed to fit not only the drivers feet but the steering mechanism and suspension as well. If using conventional tires, the tires would petrude out and above the wing, disrupting the aerdynamics of the car. Tyrell's solution to this problem was to incorporate smaller tires in the design, which were narrowed down to just 10" in diameter, not leaving much contact area. To combat the issue, they decided to use four tires for steering, doubling the contact area to the ground. This features has been masterfully scaled down with a similar bellcrank set up to that of the full size version of the P34.


  • The 6-wheel F103 chassis is equipped with friction dampers and facilitates high-speed running despite its 2WD simple structure
  • The body is injection molded in white and blue to realistically depict the Tyrrell P34 1977 Argentine GP version.
  • Small front and large rear tires are high-grip sponge type
  • 540 Motor is included
Scale Features

The details on the full size model are immaculately recreated on the RC model version of the Tyrrell P34. The body is molded in white plastic to realistically depict the Tyrrell P34 1977 Argentine Grand Prix version of the P34.

Complex Steering

The full size Tyrrell P34 F1 car was designed with aerodynamics in mind. So Tyrrell employed a four-wheel steering system to not only increase contact surface area and aerodynamics. This feature has been expertely reacted on the 1/10 RC model with a similar bellcrank set-up.

Foam Tires

The orginal P34 F1 car was designed to have smaller wheels in the front to increase aerodynamics. The very same wheels have been recreated in a high-grip, sponge type foam, allowing you to have the advantage over other ordinary F1 cars on the track.

Scale Driver

The P34 kit includes one scale driver to add to the cockpit of your model, allowing you to imagine any on of the P34's drivers driving your scale model on the track.


Direct 2WD Power

Just a like a real F1 car, this model kit emloyed a 2WD system. To mimic the amount of power and torque the real thing has, the RC model incorporates a direct drive system where the power of the 540-type motor is directly input into the rear wheels of the car.

Product Specifications

Ball Bearings Plastic bushing
Chassis F103 FRP Plate
Completion Level Kit
Drivetrain 2WD
Drive Type Forward/Brake/Reverse
Product Height 8.11" (206 mm)
Product Width 4.09" (104 mm)
Radio Sold Separately
Body ABS Plastic
Scale 1/10
Power Type Electric
Servos Sold Separately
Motor Type Brushed
Speed Control Included
Bushing Material Plastic
Charger Sold Separately
Differential Ball Pressure Plate
Receiver Sold Separately
Shock Type Friction type
Battery Sold Separately
Motor Size 540
Product Length 17.12" (435 mm)
Suspension Coil King Pin Front/mono-shock rear
More Information
Part # 47486
Brand Tamiya
Power Plant Electric
Terrain Type On-Road
Vehicle Type Touring
Drive Train 2WD
Scale 1/10