Taigen Tanks Steel V1 Gearboxes

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The Taigen V1 steel gearboxes feature bushings on the reduction gears and bearings for the final drive shafts and are plug and play for compatible tanks. They come with pre-wired motors with plugs and are easy installs.

TAG120267 - Middle/Low, 3:1, 48mm Gearboxes

  • 380 Motors @ 18k RPM
  • CNC Machined Steel Gears
  • Bushings on reduction gears
  • Final drive shaft with bearings
  • Actual Gear Reduction of 39:1
  • Fits:Tiger 1 (Plastic), Panther A, Panzer III, Panzer IV, KV-1, Sturmgeschutz III, Sturmtiger, & KV-2
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Part # TAG120267
Brand Taigen