Spektrum DXS Transmitter Only


The 7-channel DXS radio perfectly balances economy with high-end features. When paired with a Spektrum™ Smart ESC, it offers telemetry that monitors Smart flight battery voltage so you know when it’s time to land and recharge.

For any RC flight enthusiast looking to strike the perfect balance between economy and innovative, high-end features, the 7-channel Spektrum™ DXS radio is the ideal system. It offers full range control, secure DSMX® interference resistance, advanced telemetry capabilities, and proven transmitter ergonomics for fatigue-free flying. The simplified setup of the DXS also gets you into the air faster, with less time needed for preparation and programming.

   Smart Telemetry and Flight Pack Monitoring

The Spektrum™ DXS system comes ready to provide the advantages of state-of-the-art connectivity when paired with Spektrum Smart batteries and Smart Avian™ ESCs. Its industry-first flight pack monitoring, for example, uses a series of transmitter LEDs to show you the percentage of voltage that remains in your Smart LiPo flight battery. Should the voltage approach dangerously low levels, you’ll know at a glance and have time to land safely for recharging. If you’re a new pilot, the on-board battery monitoring feature alone is invaluable. It helps you avoid a mistake commonly made by many beginning fliers, when they fly beyond their battery’s low-voltage cut off point and risk a potentially disastrous loss of power and control. The DXS transmitter also lets you know when its AA batteries need to be replaced. If their voltage falls below 4.7V the LED blinks, and at 4.4V, the transmitter repeatedly sounds a warning tone while an LED on the front flashes red.

   Optional Wireless Trainer System

To use the Spektrum™ DXS as an instructor system, just add the optional SRXL2™ DSMX® Remote Receiver (SPM9747, sold separately) for wireless trainer support. Connect the SRXL2 Remote Receiver inside the battery compartment, bind it to the student’s radio and go — the trainer system configures itself for easy setup and operation.
  • Supports Spektrum™ Smart Technology for Smart ESC and Smart LiPo battery telemetry
  • Transmitter LEDs display Smart LiPo flight battery status for easy voltage monitoring — an industry first!
  • Proven ergonomic design is optimized for comfort and precise, fatigue-free control
  • Offers wireless trainer system capability with optional SRXL2™ DSMX® Remote Receiver (SPM9747, available separately)
  • Registration and updates are possible through a PC with optional USB Programming Cable (SPMA3065, available separately)
  • Transmitter comes configured to provide the benefits of SAFE® technology with compatible SAFE-equipped receivers
  • DXS transmitter is fully compatible with other Spektrum™ DSMX® systems


Channels: 7
Flight Modes: 3
Frame Rate: 22 Ms
Model Memory: 1
Modulation: DSMX
Proportional Inputs: 4
Range: Full
Rate Positions: 2
Receiver: Sold Separately
Resolution: 2048
Technology : SAFE Technology, Smart Technology
Telemetry: Integrated
Transmitter (Tx) Battery Type: AA Alkaline
Type: Aircraft

More Information
Part # SPMR1010
Brand Spektrum
Channels 7
Frequency 2.4
Transmitter Only Yes