RedCat 1/10 LRH285 Designers Show Lowrider Chassis Kit Chrome

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Redcat LRH285 Designers Show Kit - RC Chassis - Hopping Lowrider Chassis!

Key Features
Slider Version Of The Specially Designed LRH285 Hopping Lowrider Chassis
Kit Includes An Overwhelming Amount Of Chrome Parts
Kit Is A Fully Assembled Slider
All Electronics Sold Separately
Wheels, Tires, and Body Sold Separately

In The Box
(1) LRH285 Designers Show Kit
(1) Brushed Motor
(1) Instruction Manual

Needed to Complete
(1) 5+ Channel Radio System
(1) Brushed Electronic Speed Control
(1) Standard-Size Steering Servo
(2) Standard-Size Lifting Servos
(2) Standard-Size High speed, High Torque Hopping Servos
(1) 7.2V - 7.4V Battery
(1) Battery Charger
(1) 11.3" Wheelbase Body
(4) On-Road Wheels and Tires

If you're into custom building, the LRH285 Designers Show Kit is a must have. This is the same great chassis used on the popular Redcat SixtyFour and FiftyNine hopping lowriders, but with lots of chrome and it comes as a prebuilt slider. The LRH285 Designers Show Kit includes an overwhelming amount of chrome parts and is the perfect choice for those who want to create their own show-worthy custom RC hopping lowriders.

Because the LRH285 Designers Show Kit was designed as the perfect base for builders to create award winning lowriders, Redcat has included a chrome chassis, chrome frame rails, chrome transmission case and gear cover, chrome front suspension arms, chrome V2 steering arms, chrome front lifting bell cranks, chrome steering tray, chrome rear axle housing, chrome center driveshaft and chrome trunk pan. The LRH285 Designers Show Kit is a fully assembled slider that includes the popular LRH285 hopping lowrider chassis, brushed motor, servo horns, mounting hardware for your electronics and lots of chrome. This kit is made to give builders the opportunity to craft their very own custom lowriders, so it does not include a body, wheels, tires, radio system, ESC, servos, battery or charger. If you already own a Redcat lowrider, you can use the same Redcat LR6X transmitter that came with your RTR lowrider, for this kit as well. Just buy a receiver and program the new lowrider into your existing LR6X transmitter’s multiple model memory. That saves builders the cost of buying a second transmitter. This should provide the perfect base for builders to create an absolutely beautiful show-worthy custom RC lowrider. If you’re into custom building, the LRH285 Designers Show Kit is a must.

One of the things that makes the LRH285 Designers Show Kit so customizable is its chrome base. There are so many builders out there who have custom painted their Redcat lowrider chassis, chromed them, and have done some pretty wild things to make them stand out. With the chrome base, builders can either leave it as mirror chrome, or spray candy colors over the top of the chrome to achieve some amazing effects. Builders could even layer a light coat of colored metal flake, suspended in clear, before applying candy to achieve an absolutely wild effect. This is a lowrider after all, and in the lowrider community, metal flake and candy colors are where it’s at. Usually candy colors are sprayed over top of a silver base coat, which is beautiful, but a candy coat sprayed over top of a chrome base gives an entirely different effect and is absolutely gorgeous.

Radio controlled lowriders have taken the scene in a big way. If you attend an RC show or full scale lowrider event, you’re almost certain to see someone with a Redcat RC lowrider. They are perfect for anyone who wants to experience what it’s like to operate an authentic hopping lowrider, just on a less expensive smaller scale. Redcat lowriders are designed for slow cruising and performing hopping lowrider tricks that are only possible because of the purpose built LRH285 chassis, which uses a realistically simulated hydraulic suspension. The LRH285 chassis, designed by the very best team of engineers, replicates the unique movement of a full-size hopping lowrider. If you haven’t driven a Redcat lowrider yet, pick up one of the ready to run lowriders or, if you’re into custom building, get the LRH285 Designers Show Kit today!

Product Specifications
Vehicle Size Standard
Product Width 9.2" (234 mm)
Radio Sold Separately
Charger Sold Separately
Receiver Sold Separately
Motor Type Brushed
Speed Control Sold Separately
Wheelbase 11.3" (287 mm)
Vehicle Type On-Road
Power Type Electric
Servos Sold Separately
Completion Level Kit
Drivetrain 2WD
Drive Type Forward/Reverse
Product Height 5.7" (145 mm)
Scale 1/10
Battery Sold Separately
Product Length 20.5" (521 mm)
Steering Type 2WS

More Information
Part # RER17055
Brand Redcat
Power Plant Electric
Terrain Type On-Road
Vehicle Type Specialty
Drive Train 2WD
Scale 1/10