Rb Innovations Jato Super Charger

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  • Typical power gains of 15.6% to 27.3% (depends on engine & pipe combination)
  • Air intake is increased dramatically
  • High-performance air intake allows use of larger filters
  • Kit will bolt onto any stock or upgrade drop in engine, some modifications maybe required
  • Additional idler pulley may be required for some engines over .26 in size
  • High performance filter NOT included
  • Custom Flywheel Included


After 20 years the Nitro Super-Charger is still the ultimate upgrade! This patented, compact design utilizes lightweight construction minimizing engine power to drive the chargers turbo impeller. This precision impeller is enclosed in a billet machined and polished aluminum housing. This provides maximum strength while providing superior air flow into the engine. The drive system incorporates a lightweight flywheel, idler pulley and an overdrive pulley driven by a composite drive belt that withstands heavy bashing. The super-charger offers an optional auxiliary pressure output port for boosting fuel pressure.  This allows maximum fuel / air mixture boosting engine horsepower.

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Part # RBK10543
Brand RB Innovations