Rage Rc Spinner Missile XL Electric Free-Flight Rocket w/Parachute & LEDs Black

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The Rage Spinner Missile XL EP Rocket is a safe, convenient way to create your own space program by launching a model rocket to 150' and beyond.

The XL gets its name from the way the rocket "spins" off the included launch pad at take-off and throughout ascent - and the XL size beyond that of its predecessors. In addition to the modern new design, this version includes LEDs for added visibility during flights. Once the rocket reaches apogee, the "capsule" will open, and a colorful Ripstop parachute ejects to provide visibility as the missile descends for gentle landings at touchdown. For safety, the Spinner Missile X is powered by an internal rechargeable battery and a single charge can provide up to 20 launches. For added durability, the impact resistant EPP foam rocket can withstand hundreds of landings.

The Spinner Missile XL is a RTF (Ready-To-Fly) model rocket, so it comes with everything you need to begin your own space program. Inside the box you'll find one of three attractive rocket designs with pre-applied graphics, a clear, safety propeller, a convenient USB charge cord, a brightly colored parachute, and a launch pad with stakes for added stability, when needed. All you have to do is charge your Spinner Missile XL and find an open outdoor space and you'll be ready for your first launch within minutes of opening the box!


  • Capable of launches of over 150ft!
  • Manufactured from EPP foam for extra durability
  • LED lights add to the design and make the XL more visible during launch
  • Brightly colored Ripstop nylon parachute has great visibility and allows for safe landings
  • Choose from High, Mid, and Low launch options to best fit the weather and surroundings
  • Includes launch pad and stakes to provide safe, stable launches


  • Height: 10.7" (272mm)
  • Height on launch pad: 12.5" (317.5mm)
  • Weight: 2.1oz (59.5g)
  • Prop: 6" weighted (152.4mm)
  • Battery: 3.7V 1S 350mAh LiPo Battery (non-replaceable)
  • Charger: USB Charge Cord
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Part # RGR4150B
Brand Rage RC