Racers Edge PRO Portable Power Duster with Multi-level Fan Red

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The PRO Portable Power Duster from Racers Edge is great for any toolbox, or to keep around the house!

The power duster is a fast and efficient way to keep your models and display bodies dust free. You will find all kinds of uses for it around the house as well, such as blowing dust out of hard-to-reach places, cleaning your keyboard, or as a personal portable fan. The PRO Portable Power Duster is easy to charge with and standard USB charging block (sold separately) and USB Type-C cable (included). The 1,100mAh battery provides more than 3 hours of operation on the low-speed setting. Crank the power up to 100,000 RPMs through 4 preset levels of airflow. The detachable focus nozzle really dials in the performance to put the air flow right where it's needed.

PRO Portable Power Duster with Integrate 1,100mAh Battery
USB Type-C Charging Cable
Focus Nozzle
Wrist Strap
100,000 RPM Max
4 Levels of Air
3+ Hours of Operation at Low Speed
1,100mAh Internal Battery
USB Type-C Charging Port
Great Personal Portable Fan

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Part # RCEPRO7045R
Brand Racers Edge