Powerhobby Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Upgrade Kit TT02 Blue

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Powerhobby Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Upgrade Kit TT02 -Blue

The Tamiya TT-02 Aluminum Conversion Kit includes everything you need to unleash the full potential of your TT-02 based chassis! Premium quality material, combined with precise CNC machine work creates astonishing performance and improved durability thanks to minimum friction and flex between moving parts and joints. A Premium grade of bearings is also included to replace all the plastic bearings on the stock TT-02 for exceptional driving smoothness and power efficiency.

This conversion kit also offers extensive adjust-ability for your TT-02 to race under different conditions and allows you to tune the chassis to fit your driving style. For instance, the shocks are fully adjustable. Both front and rear upper arms are adjustable for camber angels. A Solid Axle is also included to change the driving characteristic. These adjustments make this kit very flexible, and able to work well with a variety of setups and motors.

Meticulous Design To Minimize Friction
Fully Adjustable Dampers
Optional Solid Axle Included
Premium Materials Built To Last
Replace Stock Fragile Parts
High-Quality Bearing Set
CNC Machined for Precise Fit
Effective Cooling System

(1) Aluminum Front Lower Arm Set
(1) Aluminum Rear Lower Arm Set
(1) Aluminum Adjustable Front Upper Arm Set
(1) Aluminum Adjustable Rear Upper Arm Set
(1) Aluminum Front Knuckle Arm Set
(1) Aluminum Rear Hub/Knuckle Arm 2 Degree
(2) Aluminum Front / Rear Damper Stay
(1) Aluminum Upper Suspension Mount
(1) Aluminum Lower Suspension Mount
(1) Adjustable Steering Tie-Rod Set
(1) Aluminum Adjustable Motor Mount
(1) Aluminum Main Drive Shaft
(2) Steel Universal Shaft
(1) Aluminum Main Drive Shaft Joint
(2) Steel Front / Rear Gear Box
(1) Aluminum Battery Post
(1) Aluminum Battery Plate
(1) Aluminum Bumper Plate
(1) Aluminum Ball Bearing Steering Set
(1) Aluminum Solid Axle
(1) Tornado High-Speed Cooling Fan 30x30mm
(1) Aluminum Wheel Adapter Set
(4) 4mm Aluminum Serrated Lock Nut
(1) Super Light Heat Sink Type A
(1) Front & Rear Shocks Set

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