Microheli CNC Aluminum Upper Main Blade Grip Blue Blade CX

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The CNC Upper Main Blade Grips are designed to work on the Blade CX. 

Key Features:
100% Precision CNC machined Aluminum and Delrin
Direct replacement of the flexing stock blade grips
Precision CNC brass balls for long lasting performance
esign so that the blades can be foldable to reduce chance of broken blades
Strong aircraft aluminum material for better stability
Very light weight and stylish design
Weight: 10.2g

The product is 100% aluminum CNC machined to provide best precision and durability. The light and stylish high quality aircraft aluminum blade grips brings more stability to the E-FLITE Blade CX/Lama2 helicopters. One of the best features of the main blade grips is that it is redesigned so that the blades are able to fold in to reduce the load force of the impact thus reduce the chance of breaking blades.

-Two (2) high quality aluminum blade grips
-Two (2) aluminum spacers and two delrin spacers
-Two (2) CNCed brass balls.
-Two (2) plastic lower blades
-All hardwares and allen keys included.


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Part # MH-CX002BG2B
Brand Microheli Co Ltd