M2c 4 Shoe Universal Lightened Flywheel Clutch Kit

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M2C RACING 34 MM UNIVERSAL 4 SHOE flywheel system. This new flywheel will fit all 1/8 scale vehicles including LOSI with no special Motor mounts or clutch bells. This system is one of the lightest flywheel systems on the market and is designed to give you faster acceleration in the technical sections of the track.

This system is 3 grams lighter than the mugen 3 shoe system and 6 grams lighter than the Kyosho style 3 shoe flywheels. The kit comes with medium clutch shoes and 4 sets of springs to allow you to Fine-tune the clutches to your feel. The springs can be mixed for the different track conditions and we have soft and hard shoes available on the website. The shoes usually last 2 to 3 gallons with normal maintenance and because of the unique design of the springs; we have had only 1 unconfirmed report of a spring failure in 4 years of use. Flywheel pin life is usually 6 to 10 gallons.

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Part # 6030M2C
Brand M2C Racing