Kyosho 1/10 Scale Radio Controlled Electric Powered 4WD KB10W Kit MAD WAGON

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Hugely popular monster truck
Now in unassembled kit form!

First released in 2022, the popularity of the 1/10 scale EP Mad Wagon monster truck was built on its massive power and speeds of 75km/h that were made easy to enjoy with its fully assembled ReadySet form. Now released as an unassembled kit, users gain a deeper understanding of the vehicle structure and insight into tuning and maintenance. However, complex components that are difficult to assemble such as front, center and rear gearboxes, are pre-built so assembly can be complete in a relatively short time, even for people with limited R/C car experience. This is not simply a kit form of the existing pre-assembled ReadySet and includes some features unique to this unassembled kit version. Various parts that were previously only available as optional upgrades are now included as standard, so a tuned-up model is created just by assembling the kit version, but realized at a much lower price (than purchasing the upgrades separately). Also, the kit version allows choice of entry-level to competition-grade R/C systems including transmitter and receiver as well as suitable batteries. With styling inspired by a 1980’s era station wagon, the unpainted ‘ultra-scale body’ boasts exceptional detail and includes plated parts such as bumpers and grille which don’t need painting. Graphics on the new decal set recreate true scale realism even if the body is painted in a single color, but of course you can enjoy designing your own color scheme or recreating an existing design. The power and speed of the Mad Wagon can be enjoyed on any surface from rough terrain to paved roads using your preferred R/C system and power source.

●Chassis kit is approximately 30% pre-assembled.
●Required for operation: R/C system, speed controller, motor, and battery.
●Brushless motor with diameter of 36 mm and length of 60mm to 68mm recommended.
●New generation KB-10 chassis is designed as a platform for various R/C categories including off-road models.
●Lightweight main chassis equipped with many optional upgrade parts as standard provides excellent value.
●Includes wagon-style ULTRA SCALE BODY. Separate parts for the body and decals are unique to this kit version.
●Body features light buckets which are compatible with optional LED light unit (No. 97054-4B).
●Shaft-type 4WD chassis with a proven double wishbone suspension delivers exceptional driving performance.
●Full ball bearing (22 pieces) specifications delivers excellent drive efficiency from each component.
●Telescoping resin universal shaft reduces drive loss and prevents shafts coming loose in contact.
●Equipped with high-grip 2.8-inch tires and wheels. General-purpose 2.8-inch tires and wheels for 1/10 scale can also be installed.
●Change from the standard gears for a wide range of reduction ratios, including for on-road driving.
●Equipped with a wheelie bar at the rear of the machine that prevents flipping under hard acceleration.

Robust structure of the aluminum main chassis with resin subframe is the same as the Readyset, but the driving performance of the kit version is improved with the inclusion of various optional parts as standard.

The kit includes 1.2mm thick PC body with chrome plated headlights, grill and bumper. Also includes the special decal sheet. Customize your body to your style!!

Sold with the front and rear gearboxes, center gearboxes, and drive shaft pre-assembled on the main chassis, which is 20g lighter than the standard Readyset. The differentials assembled using #10000 or can be replaced with oil of your preferred hardness (sold separately).

Standard equipment includes aluminum oil shocks (shock absorbers) that are normally sold as optional parts. High precision and resistant to temperature changes, they will deliver superior suspension stability even when crossing large gaps. Dial-type ride height adjustment makes it easy to adjust the ride height.

Turnbuckle upper arms with positive and reverse thread on both ends replace the fixed length upper arms included in the Readyset version. Camber angle can now be changed freely, expanding the range of settings.

Front and rear diff gears are equipped with machined steel bevel and ring gears as standard (previously optional) to provide the high strength and durability that easily handles the power of brushless motors.

High-performance aluminum HD motor mount with improved heat dissipation performance over the standard plastic injection molded product for Readyset. Reduces motor power down due to heat and its high rigidity prevents pinion & spur gears from damage

Slipper clutch which protects the drive system, has been made of aluminum. The reduces weight of rotating parts compared to the standard clutch in the Readyset, allowing for sharper acceleration. In addition, the fins help to dissipate heat efficiently.

Aluminum HD servo mount demonstrates high retention rigidity and precise steering response. Included as standard in the kit and anodized in Kyosho’s signature red color.

■Length 472mm
■Width 350mm
■Height 198mm
■Wheelbase 295mm
■Tread F/R 278mm
■Tires(F & R) φ128 x 70mm
■Gear Ratio 15.22:1
■Weight 3,610g (approx)
■Motor (sold separately)

●Chassis Kit
●Clear Body
●1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm hex wrench
●Cross wrench
●4/5/5.5/7/10mm Integrated spanner
●#400 Shock oil 30cc
●#10000 diff oil 30cc

●Battery for driving (2-3S LiPo battery)
*Installable battery size:143x47x30mm
●Charger for LiPo battery
●2ch 1 servo R/C system for cars
*Receiver size:38x25x20mm
●Servo Recommended: 82280
※Servo size:41x20.5x40mm
●ESC:Recommended for 82250
※ESC size:49.5x40x40mm
●Motor Recommended for 70616


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Part # 34702
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