JConcepts RC10 Classic Fin Titanium Turnbuckle Set Black RC10 8pc

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JConcepts introduces a stylish, durable, and lightweight alternative Titanium turnbuckle kit for the popular original Team Associated RC10 and RC10 Classic vehicles in black color.

The base of the shafts design is centered around a .143" titanium hex size which gradually tapers down into a 3mm thread base design which accepts standard AE ball-cup configurations. The focus of the styling surrounds the lengthened adjustment hex area and the "fin" cuts that rotate about the center.

The JConcepts turnbuckles are produced with left- and right-hand threads with the left being conveniently marked for easy orientation. The set includes 8 pieces, which covers a complete RC10 including servo to steering turnbuckle and center link between driving and idler bell crank.


  • Original JConcepts design and "Fin" styling
  • High-grade, machined titanium material, black in color
  • Standardized 3mm thread base
  • Left- and right-hand threads with conveniently marked left
  • Fits, original RC10, short-arm RC10's and RC10 Classic
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Part # 2228
Brand JConcepts