Integy 3 In 1 Battery Balancer

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This is the Team Integy Universal 3 in 1 Battery Balancer and Discharger.

FEATURES: Designed for Li-Polymer and Li-Fe batteries
Measures battery voltage precisely and balances cell voltage in pack
Discharges battery for long time storage

INCLUDES: One Universal 3 in 1 Battery balancer/ Discharger

REQUIRES: Use with Li-Polymer or Li-Fe batteries

SPECS: Dimensions: 93.5x60x17mm (3.7"x2.4"x0.67")
Battery Type and Amount: LiPo and LiFe 2-6 cell (7.4-22.2V)
Receiver Battery (1.2-8.5V DC)
Balance Voltage Setting Range (lower limit): 2.0V-4.2V (pre-setting
value 3.3V)
Discharge Voltage Setting Range (lower limit): 2-4.2V (pre-setting
value 3.9V)

More Information
Part # C23037
Brand Integy
Charge Type Discharger
Input Voltage DC (12v)