Hobby Wing Combo MAX8 ESC + 4278 2250KV G2 Motor

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Efficient cooling system
The frameless fan design is a patented technology. Rapid transmission of internal heat to the integrated housing radiator is made possible by high airflow from the side of the fan, and a copper thermal conduction sink on the internal power plate. These are built into high-reliability thermal systems to ensure that the ESC is always in good thermal condition.

1/8th Brushless System Turbo Technology
The ESC is best paired with the EzRun 4278/4268SD G2 motor to achieve maximum performance.
Turbo parameters are adjustable from up to 32 degrees, and the speed is significantly increased by up to 25%.

Capacitor Thermal Protection
Capacitor thermal protection implemented by the ESC prevents irreversible damage to the ESC due to overload.

Super Internal BEC
The built-in switch mode BEC features a maximum output of 15A,
and is voltage adjustable from 6V to 8.4V (step:0.1V). This allows
the use of various standard and high voltage servos.

Built-in Capacitor
The ESC has three built-in 680uF capacitors, which increases
the performance by 74% (870uF) compared to the MAX8 ESC.
The ultra-large capacitors built onto the ESC also ensure users do not need to install external capacitors on their vehicles.

Real-time data & data logging function,
Easy to get the power running status. After connecting the OTA module box, turn on the real-time data recording function to access the operating status.

New sensored cable interface
The Max8 G2 ESC is equipped with a new type of sensored cable interface.
It is high recommended to use the motors from Hobbywing, as the waterproof protection level is at the highest level (IP67).


  • The ESC uses a special process, coupled with an innovative waterproof design, to increase waterproofing and dust-proofing performance in harsh conditions.
  • Built-in ultra-powerful switch mode BEC with a continuous current of 6A, (15A max), and support for 6V/7.4V/8.4V output.
  • Equipped with the most advanced and safe electronic switch.
  • Supports up to 32-degree turbo timing. When used with the matching motor (such as EZRUN 4278SD), the maximum rpm can be increased by about 25%.
  • Support LED program card, LCD G2 program box, OTA programmer (Note: optional) to set the parameters of the ESC.
  • Multiple protection functions: battery low voltage protection, ESC and motor overheat protection, signal loss protection, and current protection.


  • Scale Vehicles 1/8th
  • Sensored and sensorless brushless motor
  • 4S Lipo: KV=3000; 6S Lipo: KV=2400
  • 6V / 7.4V / 8.4V adjustable, continuous current 10A (Switch-mode)
  • 60(L)x48(W)x40.5(H)mm
  • Input:XT90 Output:6.5mm gold plug(female)
More Information
Part # 38010405
Brand Hobbywing
Brush Type Brushless
KV Rating 1001-3000
Runner Type Inrunner
Sensor Type Sensored
Vehicle Type Car