Hobbico Accu-Cycle Pro Series Digital Charger

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The Hobbico Accu-Cycle is a Digital Battery Charger/Conditioner/Analyzer for
Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) and Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries used in
Radio Control Transmitter, Receiver, and Individual Batteries.

FEATURES: Designed to Charge, Discharge, or Cycle one receiver and one

transmitter battery independently at the same time.
Easy to read Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) of minutes or milliamp-
hours for each battery.
Banana jacks for easy connection to charge leads.(leads not included)
Charges 15 hours continuously then switches internally to TRICKLE
Discharges to 1.05V then switches to Charge mode
110V AC wall socket for power source
Adjustable cell selector, Charge and Discharge rates for 6-8 cell
Tx batteries or 1,4 or 5 cell Rx batteries.
One touch Charge or Discharge functions

INCLUDES: One Accu-Cycle Transmitter/Receiver Battery Charger/Conditioner/

One Instruction Sheet

SPECS: Input Voltage: 110V AC US Standard
Fast charge termination: 15 hours
Output connections: banana jacks
Transmitter charge rates: 50, 125 milliamps (mA)
Receiver charge rates: 25, 50, 125 milliamps (mA)
Discharge rates: 250, 500 milliamps (mA)
LCD readouts: Milliamp-hours and elapsed time in minutes
Length (front to back) 4¾"
Width (side to side) 8"
Height (overall) 3½"
TRICKLE charge between 6-30mA depending on the charge rate

COMMENTS: Most transmitters have a diode in the Charge circuit which means
that you cannot Discharge (cycle) the batteries while they are in
the radio. If the modeler wants to cycle transmitter batteries,
this is done outside the radio.

REQUIRES: Connectors to go from the charger to the battery or radio:

Some transmitters may have the batteries hard-wired into the radio. This
means the wires will have to be cut in order to remove them. In this case the
customer has two options: Either splice some sort of charge plug (without a
diode) into the battery wires and affix it to the radio externally, or cut the
wires and put a male/female charge plug between them so the batteries can be
removed and charged (Doing either of these could void the warranty on the


More Information
Part # HCAP0260
Brand Great Planes
Battery Count 1
Charge Type Charger, Discharger
Input Voltage AC (110v)