Heng Long 1/16 Russia KV-2 Airsoft RC Tank V7.0

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The KV-2 (Russian КВ-2), named after the Minister of Defense at the time of the introduction of the KV series, Marshal Kliment Yefremovich Voroshilov, was a Soviet heavy tank that saw service in World War II, 1941–1942.

The Heng Long 3949 Soviet KV-2 RC Tank TK7.0 - Professional Version has a full-function transmitter that controls this beast as it performs a 7-ways movement. It is very powerful and equipped with a high gripping caterpillar, allowing you to climb steep slopes that are up to 45 degrees. The included transmitter controls all 7 functions of this awesome Heng Long RC tank. Great gift for tank collectors of all ages!

  • Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree
  • Maximum vertical turning angel of gun (up/down) approximately 30-degree
  • Maximum climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) approximately 35-degree

Full-scale R/C function, frequency-free to change for any frequencies as you like, multi-players, and tanks are allowed.


  • Latest electronics (TK7.0)
  • The new 2.4Ghz version allows multiple tanks to be used in the same area without interference. It also gives a better range and stability.
  • Full control of turret with vertical and rotational movement.
  • BB pellet shooting mechanism.
  • Independent suspension system.
  • Sound simulator.
  • Flashlight.
  • Full Tank Movement, forwards, backward, rotate left and right.


      • Radio Equipment 2.4 GHz 
      • Specifications Gun Shell: 6mm standard BBs
      • BB Storage Capacity: Approx. 100 BBs
      • Max Side Rotation of Turret: 320°
      • Max Vertical Angle of Turret: 20°
      • Max Climbing Gradient (changeable on different road surfaces): Approx 35°
      • Length: 430mm
      • Width: 210mm
      • Height: 200mm
      • Scale: 1:16
      • Battery: Li-Ion 2S 7.4V 1800mAh


      • 1* RTR Heng Long RC Tank
      • 1* 2.4Ghz Transmitter
      • 1* Rechargeable Battery Pack
      • 1* USB Charger
      • 1* Bottle Of Smoke Generator Liquid
      • 1* Box Of BB pellets
      • 1* Manual

      Requires 6x AA Batteries 

      Start-up / Extinguish Set
      Full Scale R/C Function
      Shooting Balls
      Realistic Smoking Function
      Simulative motor start-up sound, Engine Sound,
      Machine-Gun Sound, Cannonball Sound
      Emulational Action Effect
      The sound can be Adjusted

      Package included:
      1 X Tank Model (With Accessories & Instruction Manual)

      More Information
      Part # 3949-1
      Brand Heng Long
      Power Plant Electric
      Battle Type Airsoft
      Body Construction Plastic