Heng Long 1/16 Long German Stug III Airsoft RC Tank Professional Version V7.0

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The Sturmgeschütz III (Stug III) assault gun was Germany's most popular fully tracked armored fighting vehicle during World War II. It utilized a modified Panzer III chassis, replacing the turret with an armored, fixed superstructure mounting a more powerful gun.


  • Latest Generation TK7 Multi-Function Control Board (MFCB)
  • Proportional acceleration, steering, turret traverse, and gun elevation/depression
  • Programmable radio settings for the amount of recoil, the sensitivity in turns, the overall sensitivity in acceleration, high speed, and low-speed modes, etc.
  • Smoke effect (On/Off)
  • Headlights and Brake lights (On/Off)
  • Volume (five settings including Off)
  • Four different sound sets. Each contains a unique engine start, idle, accelerating, traverse, elevate, machine gun, cannon firing, and shutdown sound
  • Track Recoil (Three settings from low, medium, and high) -This shudders the tank briefly rearward to simulate recoil when firing the main cannon
  • Fires a 6mm plastic BB (10 meters with minimal accuracy and limited velocity, but should still be treated with caution and with adequate eye protection)
  • Fires an invisible IR signal to be used as part of Heng Long's Infrared Battle System, which disables other tanks when hit five times during simulated combat. Up to 20 tanks at the same time can battle each other!
  • Independent suspension on all road wheels

Full Pro: 

  • Steel gear drive boxes
  • Metal tracks
  • Metal rocker arms 
  • Metal drive wheels 

Requires 6x AA Batteries 

Start-up / Extinguish Set
Full Scale R/C Function
Shooting Balls
Realistic Smoking Function
Simulative motor start-up sound, Engine Sound,
Machine-Gun Sound, Cannonball Sound
Emulational Action Effect
The sound can be Adjusted

Package included:
1 X Tank Model (With Accessories & Instruction Manual)

More Information
Part # 3868-1FULLPRO
Brand Heng Long
Power Plant Electric
Battle Type Airsoft
Body Construction Plastic