Heli-Max CNC Bell Hiller Rotor Head Purple Axe CP

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This is the Bell-Hiller Rotor Head Upgrade Kit for the
Heli-Max Axe CP and Axe CP-L Mini Electric Helicopters.

FEATURES: Increases hovering stability in windy conditions and in forward to 3D
flight performance
Linkage, mixing arm ratios, fly bar weighting and head dampening are
all adjustable
Accepts a wide variety of blade hub widths
More durable than plastic components

INCLUDES: Preassembled blade grips with mixing arms, ball links and bearings
already installed,
Preassembled linkages, spacers and fly bar weights
Installation manual

REQUIRES: Disassembly of rotor head

COMMENTS: The screw that holds the mixing arm to the blade grip is 2mmx4mm
in the threaded area and is coarse thread

The screw that holds the ball studs to the mixing arm
are 1.5mm X 5mm threaded area coarse.
(Unfortunately at this time this screw is unavailable separately.)

More Information
Part # HMXE7459
Brand Heli-Max