Great Planes Adhesive Sand Paper 180 Grit

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This is the sandpaper designed for the Great Planes "Easy-Touch" sander bar.

INCLUDES: One 12' roll of 180-grit self-adhesive sandpaper.

SPECS: Grit: 180 (the lower the grit number the rougher it is)

Length: 12' Width: 2-1/4" (the paper is slightly wider than the sanding bar.)

COMMENTS: This sandpaper does not have a protective backing over the adhesive.

Others available: GPMR6183 12' of 150-grit sandpaper GPMR6184 12' of 80-grit sandpaper GPMR6180 12' of 220-grit sandpaper

Easy-touch sanding bars: GPMR6170 for a 11" bar GPMR6172 for a 22" bar GPMR6174 for a 33" bar

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Part # GPMR6184
Brand Great Planes