Exotek Twister Pro Drag Tire and Wheel Set

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Ultra high performance 1/10 Street Eliminator tire sets for B6, 22S, 22 5.0, DR10, Slash, and similar 2wd drag cars.

Includes 1 pair of belted rubber drag tires with nylon wheels and air valves.

Premium rubber chemistry for maximum softness provides excellent grip on all surfaces. The same rubber chemistry used in high performance 28R 1/10 touring car tires.

Wider tire tread with specially designed sidewalls have larger sidewalls than SC based tires for improved sidewall flex and more volume inside the tire.

The sidewalls are also equal sized on both sides for equal sidewall flex for more consistent traction.

Special thin belting along with thin rubber profile for maximum grip and lighter overall weight, best suited for racing at the highest level, and special events.

Only 78grams per assembled tire and wheel with air valve!

The slightly smaller 102mm diameter tire will make it easier for optimal gear ranges (ie a 94t spur will feel like a 99t spur, etc).

Includes precision molded lightweight nylon wheels that provide maximum acceleration, trueness, and durability, while looking good.

Has large enough inside wheel diameter for clearance in typical B6, 22, DR10 and other sized rear hubs.

Includes rubber air valves for inflating air, along with assembly instructions.


  • 52mm wide, 102mm outside tire diameter
  • 59mm inside wheel diameter
More Information
Part # EXO2090
Brand Exotek Racing
Hex Size 12mm
Rim Material Plastic
Tire Material Rubber
Rim Diameter 2.2/3.0 Drag Rear
Scale 1/10
Tire Style Street