Dromida Shock Spring Long Medium Soft/Yellow MT4.18

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This is a pack of two Dromida 42mm Shock Springs.
These springs are identified by a yellow marking on one end and are rated med-soft.

Dromida BX Buggy, BL Dromida Desert Buggy 4.18, Dromida Desert Buggy 4.18
BL Dromida Desert Truck 4.18, Dromida Desert Truck 4.18, BL Dromida Monster Truck
Dromida Monster Truck 4.18, Dromida Monster Truck 4.18, BL Dromida Short Course
Dromida Short Course 4.18, BL Dromida Short Course 4.18

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Part # DIDC1038
Brand Dromida