DDM Killer RC Phantom 2 Prop Balancing Rod

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This is Killer RC Phantom 2 prop balancing rod from Daves Discount Motors

This super smooth machined and polished aluminum rod has right-hand and left-hand threads to work with the DJI Phantom self-tightening props.
You simply screw the prop onto the rod and then set the rod on the lip of a drinking glass, or use with the Dubro Tru-Spin prop balancer base. When one side of the prop drops you know that you need to lightly sand some material off of the underside of the heavy side until it’s balanced perfectly. The balancing rod has marking rings on the side with left-hand threads. Made in Ohio, USA.
(Prop and Dubro Tru-Spin are not included)
For the smoothest video and long flight times you need to have perfectly balanced props.

More Information
Part # DJI480
Brand Dave's Discount Motors