BSI Insta-Cure IC-Gel Coral Frag Glue

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Contains one tube of IC-GEL 20g

Insta Cure CA Gel consists of a cyanoacrylate paste IC-Gel. This gel has the same processing times and bonding characteristics as the Maxi-Cure, but because of its consistency it is well suited for specific collages in virtually any aircraft. Whether on vertical surfaces or even under horizontal surfaces, the IC-Gel can be easily applied from its tube in any position. It should be noted that the gel tends to continue to exit the tube for ± one second after the pressure has been released. This is to be considered for a correct application of the desired quantity. IC-Gel is also an excellent putty when used on plastic models, it is very malleable and can be molded very easily to fill or modify voids. When Insta-Set is applied, the IC-Gel can be ground or sanded within 20 seconds of application. Suitable for all models of aircraft or cars.

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Glass and metal
Hard plastic
Resistant to water

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Part # BSI-116
Brand BSI