Bondhus 7/64 Ball Hex Driver

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This is a pair of Bondhus 7/64" Balldriver Hex Screwdrivers.


Balldriver screwdrivers feature color coded and ergonomically
designed handles that are comfortable to use.
Only available from Bondhus, Protanium steel blades means this is
the strongest ballpoint available.
Black type.
Handle is proportioned to provide maximum torque without breakage.
Provides the greatest time savings for maintenance, assembly, and
adjustment of hexagonal socket screws.
Regular length.
The Yellow color coded handle means its measurement is in inches
(not metric).
The size is noticeably stamped within the handle.


Two 7/64" Balldriver Hex Screwdrivers


Size: 7/64"
Blade Length: 2.9" (74mm)
Over All Length: 5.1"

More Information
Part # 10606
Brand Bondhus