Bandai ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Ver 2.0) MG Model Kit

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ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam (Ver 2.0) MG Model Kit, from "Gundam SEED"

The Freedom Gundam HG got a remaster, so why not the MG?? The original Freedom was starting to show its age, but this release aims to revamp everything about it! Improved proportions, flexibility, and detail will make it worth revisiting this design! Beam Sabers, Beam Rifle, Shield, and Railguns are all included!


  • Both frame and armor are completely resculpted with revised proportions
  • Packed with extra details from the SEED Ver. RM series
  • Extending elbows, sliding thigh armor, and a flexible waist, it's perfectly suited to strike heroic poses
  • Wing and beam cannons flex for full burst mode
  • A full arsenal includes linkable beam sabers, and other accessories include a stand and a variety of manipulator parts
  • Master Grade 1/100 Scale (~180mm, ~7-8 inches)
  • Many small pieces; models take up to 10 hours to complete
  • Posable and flexible for display
  • Improved proportions, internal structures, and movements
  • May need some paint details, decals included



More Information
Part # 5061611
Brand Bandai
Construction Type Snap / Screw Together
Material Plastic