Axial 1/10 SCX10III Kit Jeep JL Wrangler w/Portals

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The 1/10 scale Axial® SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler 4WD kit marks the next step forward in scale off-road action.

While continuing to incorporate key components that have made SCX10™ vehicles successful, the SCX10™ III increases chassis realism with details that include a replica V8 engine to house the front-mounted 540 motor. It’s mated to a realistic transmission housing and transfer case, like a 1:1 vehicle.

The kit’s versatile transmission can be built in several ways. If you’re using a 3-channel radio like the Spektrum™ DX3™, you can set it up with a third-channel DIG function that lets you lock the rear axle from the transmitter for front wheel drive and a tighter turning radius. Another 3-channel option is to set up the vehicle with a two-speed transmission to select between high and low speeds. To have access to the two-speed transmission and DIG function simultaneously, just add another servo and use a radio with at least four channels (such as the 5-channel Spektrum™ DX5).

The SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler kit uses portal axles to improve performance by increasing the ground clearance and reducing torque twist. Its standard battery tray accepts full-size standard LiPo or NiMH packs. There’s also space on the side rails for drivers who prefer “shorty” packs. Inner fenders and floor sides hide internal components that would usually be visible from the side of the chassis.

To top off the chassis, the kit comes with a clear Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited four-door body that’s ready for finishing however you like. Scale details include a roll cage, front hood vents and cowl, windshield wipers, mirrors, door handles and more, plus a detailed interior. New taller and wider, officially licensed Nitto Trail Grappler tires on 3-piece licensed KMC Machete beadlock wheels add more scale realism and more grip on dirt, rocks, and all other off-road trails.
  • Replica V8 engine, transmission housing and transfer case cover and protect the motor while improving scale appearance
  • Chassis tray accepts full-size, standard LiPo or NiMH batteries, with space on the side rails for running small pack sizes
  • DIG function transmission setup lets you lock the rear axle from the transmitter for front wheel drive and a tighter turning radius
  • Two-speed transmission setup option also available for high and low speeds
  • Portal axles increase ground clearance and reduce torque twist
  • Adjustable wheelbase chassis allows each driver to choose the size of their chassis
  • Inner fenders and floor sides hide internal components usually visible from the side of the chassis
  • Licensed KMC Machete 3-piece beadlock wheels provide scale looks and let you remove and replace tires without gluing
  • Officially licensed Nitto Trail Grappler tires in a new taller and wider size increase ground clearance and grip
  • Fully rebuildable, oil-filled shocks include hard anodized, threaded shock bodies, coilover springs, and an emulsion-style cap with screw for easier rebuilds
  • Clear scale Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited body with detailed interior
Scale features including a replica V8 engine, transmission housing, and transfer case all cover and protect your electric motor while adding to the realistic appearance.
The SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler has a standard battery tray that accepts full-size standard LiPo or NiMH packs. There’s space on the side rails, too, for drivers who prefer smaller size packs or need additional power for other accessories.
Using 3-channel control, the kit’s transmission can be set up one of two ways: with high and low speeds or with a DIG function that locks the rear axle from the transmitter on command, for the tighter turning radius of front wheel drive. With another servo and 4-channel control, both options can be made available simultaneously.
Portal Axles like those found in some full-size off-roaders provide higher ground clearance and reduce the torque on other drivetrain components for improved performance.
The SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler kit wheelbase is adjustable with optional links, allowing you to choose the wheelbase of your choice.
The suspension geometry is based on the SCX10™ II but refined slightly for the new chassis layout. The front suspension has been optimized to reduce bump steer, while the rear 4-link reduces torque twist.
The clear scale Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited body mirrors its full-size counterpart with a detailed interior for “super scale” looks. The interior has a molded roll cage, steering wheel, and driver head. There are many molded scale details on the body, too: front radiator/light buckets; front hood vents; front cowl; windshield wipers; mirrors; door handles; and fuel door.
The SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler kit body’s inner fenders and floor sides hide internal components that would usually be visible from the side of the chassis. The sealed receiver box can be removed to give you more space for the electronics of your choice. An extra tree of body posts is included, allowing you to customize your rig with any 12.3” wheel based bodies.
The S30 compound Nitto Trail Grappler tires included with the SCX10™ III Jeep® JL Wrangler kit are taller and wider (4.74 x 1.7), providing more ground clearance and more grip in the variety of terrain that you will find while you’re off-roading.
Legendary in the off-road world, these officially licensed KMC XD Machete wheels are molded in satin chrome and include stunning scale details. Because they’re 3-piece beadlock wheels, tires can be mounted, removed and replaced easily without gluing.
The oil-filled shocks have clear anodized, threaded bodies, a single coilover spring, plus an emulsion-style cap with screw for easier rebuilds. The shocks are tunable for achieving the best dampening rate. Their increased bore size also creates more fluid volume for better performance.
CMS has become a standard in scale RC and the SCX10™ III is designed with that standard inmind. The servo is mounted in the chassis, just as a full-size Jeep has its steering box located onthe frame.
Using a 3-channel transmitter and a micro servo, you have control on demand. The SCX10™ IIIkit transmission can be configured in one of two ways. Set it up for 2-speed using the high and low gears or set it up for front dig to have a tighter turning radius with the rear axle locked. With a 4-channel transmitter and a second micro servo, it can be configured to use both features.
Chassis: Adjustable steel C-channel, different size links included to
build either 11.4 in, 12 in, or 12.3 in wheelbase
Drive: Four wheel with all metal portal gears that provide more
ground clearance
Portal Axles: New AR44 Portal Axles feature an offset front housing
for more realistic looks, portal gears in axle housings provide
more ground clearance
Differential Locker: Hypoid gears that are smaller in size and,
and that also improve gear reduction at the axle and reduction of
torque twist
Transmission: All metal gears, 2 speed and Dig functions, driver
can choose either option, or run both with a 4-ch receiver and 2
servos, 2 speed option increases vehicle speed approximately 20,
Dig function locks out rear axle creating an anchor effect that
allows front drive to pull vehicle around in tight locations
Steering: Universal joints on axles provide 45 degrees of steering
Suspension: Stainless steel pivot balls at all points for greater
durability, revised geometry reduces torque twist and allows more
fine tuning
Shocks: Oil-filled, new O-ring material for better sealing, and a
bleed screw in emulsion style cap for easier bleeding
Body: Jeep JL Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon clear body with molded hood
vents, grille, light buckets, Rubicon fender flares, door handles,
wipers, molded steering wheel. driver, roll cage and more
Battery Mount: New location near center for better balance, areas on
side pods for smaller size LiPo batteries
Tires: Nitto Terra Grappler MT, super sticky R30 compound, height
and width increased to 4.7 x 1.77 in
Wheels: Injection molded 3-piece beadlock Licensed KMC XD Machete
with satin silver finish
Ball Bearings: Full set 

Radio 4-channel transmitter and receiver
High torque Steering Servo
Micro Servo Two (one each for rear dig and 2-speed feature)
Battery: Standard or shorty pack, 6-cell NiMH, or standard 2S LiPo
Battery Charger and LiPo Charging Bag
AA Batteries for transmitter
Building and Track Equipment
Length: 19.125 in (485mm)
Width: 9.25 (234mm)
Height: 9.5 (241mm)
Ground Clearance: 3 (76.2mm)
Adjustable Wheelbase: 11.4 in, 12 in, 12.3 in (289mm, 305mm, 312mm)
Weight: 6.5lbs (2.9kg)
Front and Rear Track: 8.9 in (226mm) distance from outer edges of
tires measured side-to-side
Tire Diameter: 4.7 in (119mm)
Wheel Diameter: 1.9 (48.3mm)
Wheel Width: 1 (25.5mm)
Gear Pitch: 32P
Pinion Gear: 14T
Final Drive Ratio: 45.6:1
Approximate Assembly Time: 7-9 hours 
scx10.3  scx103 scx10 III  
More Information
Part # AXI03007B
Brand Axial
Power Plant Electric
Terrain Type Off-Road
Vehicle Type Crawler
Drive Train 4WD
Scale 1/10

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