Airfix 1/72 Small Starter Set Sherman Firefly

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Requiring quite a significant redesign of the turret and with the gun mounted on its side, the 17-pounder equipped Shermans became arguably the most effective Allied tanks of the Second World War.

The Sherman Medium Tank evolved several times to try to keep up with the technology they were fighting against during WWII, continually upgrading the guns as well as the armor to fight off the German anti-tank guns and armored vehicles, including the infamous heavy duty Tiger I. 

The guns couldn't penetrate the thick armor of the Tiger I leaving them mostly unbothered, until the British upgraded the Sherman with a QF 17-pounder anti-tank gun early in 1944, to create the Sherman Firefly. Once the Germans started to recognize the destruction of the Firefly, easily recognizable by the long barreled turret, the British started camoflaging the turret to look more like a standard Sherman since they were targeted first because of their destructive firepower they rained on their enemies.

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Item Scale
Contents (what's in the box) sets
Sprues, decals, paints, glue & brush
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Part # A55003
Brand Airfix
Scale 1/49 - 1/100
Construction Type Glue Together
Material Plastic