Tuned Pipe Set Maximum

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This is the Complete Tuned Pipe and Manifold used for the DuraTrax Maximum Series Vehicles.

FEATURES: Includes everything needed to install the tuned pipe and manifold.

INCLUDES: One black aluminum tuned pipe
One black 180 degree manifold (header)
One yellow silicone coupler.
One exhaust gasket.
One pressure fitting (4mm threads).
Two 3 x 30mm allen head screws.
One 3 x 12mm phillips head screw.
Two star washers.
One 4 x 4mm set screw.
One 3mm hex lock nut
Two small nylon tie straps.
Three pre-bent tuned pipe support wires.
One 3mm allen wrench.
One 2.5mm allen wrench.

REQUIRES: Assembly onto engine and vehicle.

SPECS: Tuned Pipe-
Length: 100mm
Diameter: 33mm (widest point)

COMMENTS: Will work for all Duratrax Maximum series vehicles.

More Information
Part # DTXC9737
Brand Duratrax