Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint Grass Effect Green

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This is the 100ml bottle of Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint in Grass Effect Green.

This water-based paint features a paste-like texture with 5mm long colored fibers which is great for recreating grassy surfaces.
For best results, apply this over a coat of Diorama Texture Paint (Soil Effect).
There is enough paint in each bottle to cover a B4-sized area. (1 coat)
As this item is water based, it does not have a strong smell and it is possible to clean with water before it sets.
When applying, please use a spatula or an old paintbrush as the new brush bristles maybe damaged when applying.
It is possible to mix with other Tamiya acrylic paints to achieve different colors.
It is possible to apply washing and dry brush on the texture painted surface with enamel paints.
Please note that this paint will not depict a grass surface with individual blades of grass.
Do not use with airbrushes as it may cause damage.

Drying time: Summer 3-4 hours, Winter 4-5 hours.

Not recommended to ship during winter months due to product freezing.

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