Spektrum Micro Lipo Charger

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The Spektrum S63 DC/USB 1S LiPo Charger is a portable 6-port device no RC pilot of ultra-micro aircraft should be without. Featuring Spektrum Smart™ Charger technology, the digital LED status screen keeps you in control of your ultra-micro 1S LiPo battery fleet by instantly displaying voltage no matter which of the six ports a battery is connected into.

Simply connect a 1S LiPo battery into one of the ports, and press Start—the Spektrum S63 LiPo Charger features integrated circuitry and six totally independent output charge ports dedicated to the 1S-type LiPo battery. For batteries with a 350mAh capacity or less, use ports 1-4; ports 5 and 6 have a higher charge rate for 1S batteries up to 750mAh.

Load up all six ports and fly practically as long as you like.  


Small size and low weight makes it easy to take anywhere
Six independent charge output ports can be used simultaneously
Operates from a wall outlet or standard USB port
Convenient voltage-check function
Digital LED displays Port and Voltage information
(6) Charging status lights (Red: Charging/Green: Full)
Charging current: 350mA (4), 500mA (2)
Works with a variety of 1S battery connector types

In-Depth Features:

Compact: At practically half the size of the average smart phone, the Spektrum S63 LiPo Charger can easily fit in your pocket making it ideal to have handy at the flight line for quick battery voltage tests.
Versatile: Go wireless with the Spektrum S63 LiPo Charger by using any 6.0V power supply or USB output from a Laptop. Both a battery charger and a battery checker, management of your 1S batteries could not be made simpler.
Easy to Operate: One-touch button operation makes charging simple. The vivid LED readout center clearly displays port and voltage information while status LEDs brightly glow either red or green to indicate port status. SIMPLE!


Input: 5VDC - USB charge port 
# Cells: 1S 
Charge Rate: 6V | 0.1 - 1.0A 
Input Connector: Mini USB connector 
Output Connector: PH1.25 
Battery Type: LiPo 
Length: 76mm 
Width: 63mm 
Height: 22.8mm

More Information
Part # SPMXC1060
Brand Spektrum
Battery Count 6
Charge Type Charger
Input Voltage USB