Os Engines 21XM Outboard Marine Engine

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This is a O.S. 21XM Outboard Marine Engine. This is a High-Performance Water-Cooled Marine Engine for Smaller Radio-Controlled Boats.

Simple construction for easier maintenance translates to more time in the water, less time on the bench.
Comes with pre-installed tiltable mount for adjustable "plane", and also comes with a carbon propeller.
This engine would be suitable to use where a 3.5cc (.21 size) engine would be used, even a retrofit to older hull.

REQUIRES: Suitable boat, Fuel, Field Equipment such as Glow Starter, Fuel

INCLUDES: One Assembled 21XM Marine Outboard Engine w/Mount, Outdrive Unit,
Muffler, Water-Cooled Head, Starter Cone, Steering Bracket, and
#20J Carb.
One Throttle Linkage Holder
One Water Pick-Up Tubing
One Fuel Pressure Tubing
One #8 Glow Plug
One Propeller

SPECS: Displacement: 3.46cc (.211 cu.in)
Bore: 16.6mm (.654 in.)
Stroke: 16.0mm (.630 in.)
Practical RPM: 3,000-25,000 RPM
Power output: 1.3 Bhp @ 25,000 RPM
Prop Shaft Size: 3/16"
Prop size: D 42mm x P/D 1.2 nylon
Overall Height: 9"
Height from Bottom to Water Plane: 3-1/8"
Height from Plane to Bottom of Transom Mount: 1/2"
Height from Plane to Steering Control: 2-1/2"

Needle Settings: High Speed: 2.5 utrns out form fully closed
Mixture Control (low speed): Edge of the larger
sleeve centered when looking down the
neck of the carb

at the starter cone, any attempt to start engine in a
counter-clockwise rotation may cause serious damage to the engine.
Because of the clockwise rotation, the crankshaft has reverse
The fuel O.S. recommends is anything with at least 18% or more
total lubricant, and a nitro content of 10% to 30%. Some fuels
do not meet these requirements and may damage the engine.
Glow plugs appropriate for this engine are as follows;
For 10-20% nitro use a #8 plug
For 20% or greater nitro use a #A5 plug

More Information
Part # 13940
Brand OS Engines
Fuel Type Nitro / Glow
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Marine