OS .12TZ(P)-T5 ABC 11H(B) Slide Carb

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This is the O.S. Max 12TZ ABC Pilot Crankshaft 5 Port Turbo Engine for 1/10 scale racing. 

FEATURES: Black powder coated aluminum construction
Nine fin natural aluminum cooling head
Two-piece turbo cylinder head with 29mm innner and 49mm outer head
that adds extra area for more efficient cooling
Slide Carb 11H(B) 3 needle Slide Valve Carburetor OSMG2474 with ROAR
legal 5.5mm carb restrictor and 6.5mm restrictor for outlaw racing
Rear Exhaust
ABC construction, Aluminum piston and Brass liner that is Chrome
plated, 5 port cylinder liner
High tensile A7075 "knife edge" aluminum connecting rod double
bushed for friction-free operation
Offers enormous torque from low RPM

SPECS: Bore: 0.54" (13.8mm)
Stroke: 0.55" (14.0mm)
Displacement: 2.11cc
Practical RPM Range: 5,000-40,000 rpm
Power Output: 1.62 @ 34,400
Weight: 7.9oz (224.5g)

Distance between mounting holes same side: 0.43" (11mm)
Distance between mounting holes opposite side: 1.2" (31.4mm)
Width not including mounting flanges: 1" (25.4mm)
Width including mounting flanges: 1.5" (39mm)
Height bottom of crankcase to top of cylinder head: 3.5" (89.6mm)
Height bottom of mounting flanges to top cylinder head: 3" (77.2mm)
Height crankshaft center to top of cylinder head: 3" (77.2mm)
Length from front of crankcase to end of crankshaft: 1.2" (29.5mm)
Length center line of piston to front of crankcase: 1.4" (34.8mm)
Length center line of piston to front of crankshaft: 2.5" (64.3mm)
Length from backplate to end of crankshaft: 3.1" (79.4mm)
Length from backplate to front of crankcase: 2" (49.9mm)
Crankshaft threads: 1/4-28

More Information
Part # 11375
Brand OS Engines
Fuel Type Nitro / Glow
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Car