Orion Advantage One Duo AC/DC Charger

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The new ONE Duo charger is a mid-range, compact size, dual channel AC/DC charger. Thanks to its dual 50W charge output, you can simultaneously and independently fast charge two batteries. 

The integrated balancer, ensures that you charge your LiPo/LiFe batteries safely and efficiently and the simple yet functional interface allows for ease of use even by inexperienced users. You can power the charger either by connecting it to a mains power outlet thanks to the integrated power supply or via a 12VDC power source. The charger is compatible with the most popular battery types.

Included Items:
Banana to EC3 (2)


Compact mid-range AC/DC dual channel charger
Microprocessor controlled advanced digital circuit
2x 10 memory slots for charge settings
Charges 2-4S LiPo/LiFe and 1-8 cell NiMH/NiCd batteries
Automatic Delt-Peak cut-off
Up to 6A of charge current per channel
12-15VDC / 100-240VAC input
Easy handling thanks to backlit LCD Display and 4 buttons
Integrated Balancer with JST_XH Connector
Integrated 100W power supply
Input/output reverse polarity protection
Team Orion Design

Input:100-240V AC & 12.0-15.0V DC
# Cells:NiMH/NiCd (1-8 Cells), LiPo/LiFe (2-4S)
Charge Rate:0.02 - 6.0A x 2 (0.1A increments)
Input Connector:AC cord, detachable, North American plug, DC cord, detachable, alligator clips
Output Connector:Banana x2
Battery Type:NiMH/NiCd/LiPo/LiFe
Length:6.02 in (153mm)
Width:5.51 in (140mm)
Height:2.36 in (60mm)

More Information
Part # 30243
Brand Team Orion
Battery Count 2
Charge Type Charger
Input Voltage AC (110v), DC (12v)