Novarossi Nitrotec R21 3.5cc Race Engine

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Developed with the racer in mind, the Italian-made Nitrotec R21 3.5cc/.21C.I. Race Engine (LOSR2800) was designed to produce a race-winning power band and throttle response while delivering exceptional run time. The Nitrotec R21 is recommended for use with the 8IGHTâ„¢ family of vehicles, as well as any nitro vehicle that requires a .21 engine


-Developed by Team Losi Racing, manufactured by Novarossi World S.R.L.
-State of the art ABC (Aluminum piston, Brass sleeve, with Chrome plating) construction
-Optimized hi-velocity extra efficient 4-port sleeve design
-Lightened Aluminum/Silicone alloy piston with Dome/Dish design for improved combustion
-Lightened and knife-edged machined aluminum connecting rod with pressurized oiling feature
-Vacuum cast aluminum alloy case with large cooling and reinforcement fins
-Stuffer type back plate with O-ring seal and machined piston relief
-Oversized cooling heat sink head
-Turbo head insert/combustion chamber
-Hardened steel turbo ported crankshaft with machined reliefs to prevent windage
-Specially constructed precision ball bearings supporting the crankshaft
-Composite double O-ringed slide type carburetor with molded restrictors
-Easy tune high and low speed needle valves
-Carburetor materials optimized to prevent thermal conduction

More Information
Part # losr2800
Brand Novarossi
Fuel Type Nitro / Glow
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Car