Novarossi 2.5sc Traxxas Revo/Slayer drop in motor

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This is the Novarossi 2.5 Super Charged Engine with included 51225-206 manifold & pipe set, and is intended for use with the Traxxas Revo Monster Truck.

This 2.5cc engine has been produced exclusively for the Traxxas T-maxx and Revo Monster trucks. The 2.5 Super Charged (N2.5SC/RT) features the famous build quality and out-standing performance that you expect from Novarossi. This engines performance comes from the perfect mix of competition parts, including a 3 port ABC sleeve and a Turbo SG type crankshaft with an M7x1 thread to match the clutch systems from Traxxas. Also, this engine comes complete with a Novarossi rotostart system installed, and also includes a Novarossi 51225-206 Revo Tuned pipe and manifold set. There is no need for a different engine mount either, just remove the Traxxas EZ-starting system and you are ready rip!

Displacement: 2.5cc
Max. Power: 1.76 HP
R.P.M (Max. power): 37,500 R.P.M.
Practical Range: 6,000 ~ 44,000 R.P.M.
Bore x Stroke: 14.90x14.25mm
Transfer Ports: 3
Rear Ball Bearing: Steel
Starting: Roto Start
Crankshaft Type: Turbo SG
Carburetor Type: Slide
Material: Plastic
Adjustment: Single
Glowplug Type: TURBO - C5TF
Exhaust Position: Rear
Fuel Type: Advise 20% Nitro

More Information
Part # 2-5sc-rt-r
Brand Novarossi
Fuel Type Nitro / Glow
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Car