HPI Nitro Rush Sway Bar Set

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This is an Optional Sway Bar Set for the HPI Nitro Rush. These sway bars are installed in the front and rear of the vehicle.


Three different sway bar thicknesses. Includes all required hardware to install sway bars.


  • One front gold (hard) sway bar
  • One rear gold (hard) sway bar
  • One front black (medium) sway bar
  • One rear black (medium) sway bar
  • One front silver (soft) sway bar
  • One rear silver (soft) sway bar
  • Two 3x12mm self-tapping flathead screws
  • Two 3x18mm self-tapping flathead screws
  • Two 3x5mm buttonhead machine screws
  • Two black 4-40 ball studs
  • Four 3x3mm set screws
  • Four purple anodized aluminum sway bar ball links
  • Two front ball cup connectors
  • Two rear ball cup connectors
  • One front sway bar support
  • One rear sway bar support
  • One installation sheet


Rear sway bar length: 109mm (4.29")

Front sway bar length: 79mm (3.11")

Rear sway bar width: 42mm (1.66")

Front sway bar width: 15mm (0.59")

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Part # 72190
Brand HPI