Hot Racing 1.5 Mod 11:34 SS Motor Fix Mount Washer Sledge

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These are oval Stainless Steel MotorFix Mount Oval Washer motor mount washers from Hot Racing.

This help to lock the motor into the proper place for correct gear mesh. Secure the motor in place with four screws inserted from the bottom of the chassis.
Also Protect Sledge Chassis surface by distribute the preaaure of the motor mount screw.


Four 16 Gauge stainless steel oval washers
Four M4 x 16mm 12.9 class cap head screw
Here is other Fix Mount for other popular gear ratio
SSLG889B 1.5 Mod 11:34
SSLG889C 1.5 Mod 12:34, 1.0 Mod 17:52, 1.0Mod 10:52
SSLG889D 1.0 Mod 13:52, 1.0 Mod 14:52.

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Part # SSLG889B
Brand Hot-Racing