Duratrax Onyx 260 Dual Touch Screen Balancing Charger

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This is the Duratrax Onyx 260 AC/DC Dual Touch Balancing Battery Charger.

FEATURES: Charges 1-6S Lithium batteries and 1-15 cell NiMH/NiCd batteries

Compact 60W AC power supply
0.1-6A fast charge rates
Both outputs:
*Allow setting up, operating and monitoring data on a single 3.2"
color touch screen
*Offer a charge jack for 4-, 5- and 8-cell radio packs
*Include storage for up to 10 battery charging routines
Data Mode allows monitoring all charge data at a quick glance
Graph Mode monitors charging progress in chart form and displays
temperature, voltage and time readings as well

INCLUDES: Duratrax Onyx 260 AC/DC Dual Touch Charger

Two 2-6S Balancing Boards
Two Standard Plug Adapters
Two Star Plug Adapters
One Charge Lead with Alligator Clips

SPECS: AC Input: 110V AC 60Hz
AC Input Cord/Connector: Detachable lead with plug
DC Input (V): 11.0-15.0
DC Input Cord/Connector: Detachable lead with clips
Number of Outputs: Two
Cell Chemistry and Number of Cells: 1-15 NiCd and NiMH; 1-6S Lithium
Fast Charge Current (A): 0.1-6.0 (60W) 120W total
Fast Charge Termination: Peak (for NI); cc/cv (for Li)
Peak Sensitivity (mV): 10-20 adjustable
Auto Trickle: Yes
Trickle Charge Rate (mAh): 1/20 of fast charge current (auto);
0-250 (manual)
Max. Node Current (mA): 300
Programmable: Yes
Number of Memories: 10 per output; 20 total
Main Output/Connector: Banana jacks; leads with standard and Star
Plug adapters
Radio Battery Charge Jack/Connector: 4-5 & 8C NiCds, NiMHs and
universal radio
Balancing Jack/Connector: Balancing boards with JST XH plugs
Balancing Accuracy: 5 mV per cell
Display Type: Full color 3.2" touch screen
Data Displayed: Cell chemistry; input, output, peak and cell
voltages, charge current, time & capacity; errors and alerts
Dimensions: 6.0" x 2.75" x 7.25" (152mm x 70mm x 184mm)
Weight: 18.8oz (5533g)
Safety Timer (min): 0-300 (adjustable)
Other Safety Features: Reverse polarity, current overload protection
and fan
Audible Alerts: Start, stop, errors and setup

More Information
Part # DTXP4260
Brand Duratrax
Battery Count 2
Charge Type Charger
Input Voltage AC (110v), DC (12v)