DDM Racing 7.4V 4000Mah Rx Lipo Baja 5B/5T/5SC

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DDM Racing 4000 mAh LiPo receiver battery for the HPI Baja. 

This battery is designed to be a direct replacement for the standard NiMH 5 cell battery included with the Baja and fit inside the battery box. Features flexible 22 awg wire with a JR style servo connector and an XH type balance plug. There are two leads, one made to plug into your on/off switch and another for charging.

71mm x 52mm x 19mm
148 grams

Before use make sure that your receiver and electronics are LiPo/high voltage compatible. Use with non-compatible electronics may damage your receiver/servos. Requires a LiPo battery charger. When not in use for extended periods it is suggested that the battery is placed in "Storage Mode" with your LiPo charger.

More Information
Part # BT280
Brand Dave's Discount Motors
Case Type Soft Case
Cell Count 2
Chemistry LiPo
Milliamps 3001-5500
Pack Type Receiver Pack
Voltage 7.4