Ddm Chung Yang CY29RC Engine (35mm bore, 30mm stroke - 28.9cc) W/ Walbro WT-668 carb

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Chung Yang CY29RC engine (35mm bore, 30mm stroke - 28.9cc) with Walbro WT-668 carb.

Ready to bolt-on. 3.5 horsepower. Similar design to the Zenoah G230RC/G260RC - 4 transfer port hp cylinder, single ring piston, double sided finned flywheel, and hp exhaust canister. Engine requires 91 octane (using the R+M/2 octane rating method) or higher fuel, mixed 25:1 with 2-cycle oil (5 ounces per gallon). Engine is available in complete form, or you can choose to purchase the engine without the carb assembly or clutch if you already have these parts and don't need them.

For R/C: Fits a wide variety of 1:5 and 1:6 R/C cars, planes, boats, and helicopters. Same mounting dimensions as Zenoah G230RC / G260RC. For cars - fits FG: Marder, Leopard, Monster Beetle, Monster Truck, Stadium Truck, Pajero, Sportsline, etc. Also fits Duratrax Firehammer, Firehammer MT, XTM Grizzly, Carson Attack, HPI Baja 5b, Traxxas Monster Buggy, MCD Rally, MCD Race Runner, MCD 4x4 Monster Truck, and most other large scale onroad and offroad RC cars. 

No Clutch Included   

More Information
Part # bb420
Brand Dave's Discount Motors
Fuel Type Gas
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Car