Cen Gst 7.7 engine

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This is the 7.7cc Engine for the Cen Racing Genesis Monster Truck,

ABC construction "A"luminum piston with "B"rass cylinder liner that
is "C"hrome plated
Pull starter
Three port cylinder liner
Two needle composite bodied slide valve carburetor
SG (pilot) style crankshaft
13 fin black cooling head

INCLUDES: Cen Racing 7.7 Engine with drive cone, slide valve carburetor and
instruction sheet

REQUIRES: Fuel: Car blend with 20-30% nitro content
Glow Plug: Non-turbo type, 20-30% nitro content
Glow Igniter, glow plug wrench and track equipment

SPECS: Horsepower: 5.0hp @ 23,000 RPM
Displacement: .46 cu in (7.7cc)
Carburetor Settings: Top End 3 - 4.5 turns out
Bottom End: Flush, 1 turn out
Idle Gap 1mm
Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Same Side: 0.71" (18mm)
Distance Between Mounting Hole Centers Opposite Side: 1.7" (44mm)
Width at Mounting Tabs: 2" (51mm)
Width Below Mounting Tabs: 1.4" (35mm)
Height Bottom of Mounting Tabs/Top of Cylinder Head: 4.2" (107mm)
Height Bottom of Crankcase/Top of Cylinder Head: 4.9" (124mm)
Length from Starter to Front Bearing: 3.7" (95mm)
Length from Starter to End of Crankshaft: 5.0" (126mm)

More Information
Part # G70365
Brand Cen Racing Products
Fuel Type Nitro / Glow
Type 2 Stroke
Vehicle Type Car